Digimon Masters landed
Posted On 14/06/2018 03:09:00 by bunny4385

on the scene with service in South Korea then expanded around the world through a global publisher, Joymax, on August 30, 2011. Taking the gaming industry by storm, Digimon Masters Online Gold is home to half-a-million players! What first commenced as 12 different Digimons has quickly grown close to 200 previously year alone; in conjunction with several content updates including a new playable character, Keenan.

Readying with the first anniversary celebration, Digimon Masters will launch eight action packed events and contests, say for example a chance of winning its own Digi-Egg or gathering delicious birthday cakes to celebrate. All of these events can be performed with the extra movement speed increase of 30% throughout the special Speed Event. For those who haven't yet were built with DMO Currency a chance to play Digimon Masters, this can be the best time for it to join!

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