Closers Online Closed Beta Coming Soon
Posted On 12/07/2018 03:24:51 by bunny4385

Nexon's upcoming anime MMORPG Closers Credits Online, or perhaps Closers, is defined to launched its official website in Japan on July 2, 2015. SEGA will the exclusive publisher for Closers in Japan. Players are expected to get able to enroll in the first round of closed beta testing within the same day the internet site launches.

Seeing Nexon license the overall game abroad is certainly good news for us inside the West, as Nexon looks to get seeking overseas partners to distribute the overall game. Perhaps they're thrilled with the current Korean version on the game and so are ready to start out expanding it globally? Hopefully we'll read about a Western release date soon!

But seriously - how awesome does the art style within the game look? I don't know in regards to you guys, but I'm oddly excited for Closers with Closers Credits for sale .


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