long hair and hair style
Posted On 14/07/2018 03:09:08 by belala2

not a red, too flamboyant as sexy actress, but in grade from red blend into her hair. now, she can't live without it and it is in daily life to maintain all its beauty. the use of dyed hair care for every 3 months, and she returned to her hairdresser for necessary changes.

she has long hair and she would not for the world, because it enables him to vary the headgear, such as fasteners and the clients. at this point, the call is your hair glueless lace front wigs! and after i fell for the bun in the summer, the braids which led to his interest in the season. the crown around, very beautiful, but too complicated to carry out.

it was therefore decided to keep the spirit up, but weaving hair prior to fixation. it is first and foremost a ponytail braid her hair, then wrap with three branches, and then around the ponytail. easy and fast.

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