Guild Glory Race: the Strongest VS Strongest
Posted On 14/07/2018 03:23:40 by bunny4385

Closers Credits In the first quarter of 2018, the PVP event "Association Honors: Strongest VS Strongest" was closed on (1/1) day. The online preliminary selection is predicted to appear about the 18th. According towards the operating team, nevertheless, there are only 64 places on this open space, actually greater than 200 elite agents have learned to prepare themselves and grab the title from the strongest special agent.
The "Guangdong Glory Race: The Strongest VS Strongest" ds lite system still adopts a one-on-one single elimination system. Using the characters as usual, a state game are going to be used to prepare the account. Players can also enjoy playing inside the most fair conditions. The operating team use the “GM perspective” for making judgments and emphasize: “The event will likely be broadcast live, along with the race conditions, skill cooling and quality with Closers Credits for sale will probably be undoubtedly in no time to ensure fairness, fairness and openness.”


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