Elder and Shaper “influence” was added Path of Exile’s 3.1 update
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Most players wind up farming maps between tiers 10 and 12 after they reach the endgame.

 This is because these maps undoubtedly are a high enough tier to provide good loot and experience, nonetheless they aren’t excessively difficult. Some players want to grind higher tier maps, especially when they’re using certain builds, nevertheless the choice of what map to own is entirely your decision.
Elder and Shaper Influence within the Atlas

Elder and Shaper “influence” was incorporated Path of Exile’s 3.1 update, and we’re still learning just how it works.

 When you start studying the Atlas (“mapping”), you’ll quickly start to see the Shaper influence continue to appear on your maps. When you have an influenced map, you will Buy POE Orbs discover new “Shaper items,” and fight stronger versions on the bosses.

Once you receive into mmoah yellow maps (tier 6 and above), you’ll eventually encounter the Elder. After this, both Elder and Shaper influence will show up on the maps, as well as the two will become fighting for control in the Atlas.

If you take an Elder-controlled map, the Shaper will relocate and bring it over. If you clear a Shaper controlled map that’s alongside one controlled through the Elder, the Elder’s influence will go over.

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