FIFA 19 few moves in career
Posted On 12/10/2018 04:44:23 by vkmoon

Smithy: We asserted in the office. It's not James Milner, he's second with Jordan Henderson on 91. There's a player with 93 and that is incredible.

Would it be possible Lallana? One of the full-backs? Firmino? Keita? Fabinho?

Smithy: It is Fabinho, does that surprise you?

I haven't seen him play yet!

Smithy: Talk to me about James Milner, he's so underrated, isn't he?

He is. And I think the brilliant thing for him is he's still entering his thirties. He started when he was 16. Normally once you start young, you finish somewhat earlier than the majority of players, but I think he's within the best way of his life. He's experienced a few moves within his career, played effectively in midfield at Aston Villa.

At Manchester City, I always felt he was obviously a squad player, found a few trophies but never really cemented employment there, however it feels like he's done that at Liverpool. Keeping Keita outside the team, who's a £50m signing - at FIFA 19 Coins this age, what a testament to the professional that he is.
Who would be the fastest player?

Salah or Mane. To be honest, each of them are just frightening, aren't they? The pace they have got. I'll go with Salah.


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