Rongli's innovative sandwich fabrics are recognized by the market
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Hangzhou Xiaoshan Rongli Fabric Co., Ltd. is a professional company dedicated to modern mattress fabrics. The company's sandwich fabrics  are mainly used for fabrics of mattresses, sofas and chairs, as well as fabrics for bags, clothing and other products. The company places great emphasis on process innovation to increase the added value of its products and gain market recognition. The company's equipment is all imported from Germany, which fully guarantees the quality of the products.

The sandwich fabric was first invented by the Germans. The fabric is generally made of polyester or nylon. It has a unique three-dimensional structure, high permeability, high elasticity, antibacterial, mildewproof and easy to clean. The products are mainly used in hospital mattresses, home mattresses, sofa cushions, etc., which can improve the human microcirculation, prevent the occurrence of hemorrhoids, slow down the tenderness of paraplegic patients, and the product will not pollute the environment and is easy to recycle.

Although the sandwich fabric has good performance, it is not very widely used because of its high price. Rongli Company said: The cost of sandwich fabrics is mainly concentrated in the production process. The production efficiency of warp knitting products is relatively low, the thicker the products, the lower the efficiency, and the sandwich nets used as mattresses, sofas and other products are relatively thick, therefore, the cost Also relatively high. But they are working hard.

Nowadays, Rongli's sandwich mattress fabrics are very vivid and popular among consumers. If you want to know more, click here:knitted jacquard mattress fabric.

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