Familiar with The Performance Characteristics of Rice Polisher
Posted On 08/12/2018 02:37:01 by lianggong

I believe that everyone has a good understanding of rice. Among them, rice contains the nutritional value necessary for the human body. It is a favorite food in recent years. With the entry of Rice Polisher(LIANGGONG) equipment into the market, we are more familiar with rice. But the rice polisher equipment is not very familiar, below, we have invited the manufacturers of rice polisher equipment to give you a detailed introduction to rice polisher equipment.

Advantages of rice polisher equipment:

1. The structure of rice polisher equipment should be reasonable, with sufficient rigidity, firm connection between components, good sealing performance and durability. The motion parameters are reasonable, the screening effect is ensured, the operation is stable, and the noise is low.

2. There are many types of grading and grading, and the number of grading types can be flexibly adjusted according to the raw material conditions, process requirements and grinding system. The rice polisher equipment has sufficient sieving area, reasonable sieving route and sieving length. The flour is sieved and classified, and the classified materials are separated according to the particle size, and have high sieving efficiency.

3. Rice polisher equipment can accommodate higher material flow, smooth material flow, not easy to cause blockage in the range of conventional process flow fluctuations, reduce the number of sieve equipment used, reduce production costs.

4. The insulation performance is better, the inside of the screen box and the channel are not dew condensation, no scales and insects, the sieve processing precision is high, the long-term use is not deformed, the rice polisher equipment and the components are closely matched, no powder, no leakage, The screens are highly interchangeable, making it easy to adjust the screen and adjust the screen.

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