Choose Better Public Lighting for The Garage
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1. Garage public lighting(classicledlight) coverage

First of all, the light should have good performance in terms of illumination. It should distribute the light properly. It should completely cover the drive and doorway. There must be symmetry. It has bright lighting features that highlight many of the missing areas in the garage. Lighting quality is always an advantage. It should be placed correctly to cover most areas. Lighting should be fixed every 4 feet instead of 8 feet. Because it provides better lighting. The best results can be obtained by fixing at appropriate intervals. The ambient light should be balanced. Must be consistent.

2. Garage energy saving lighting

Second, the public lighting of the garage must save money. It should not consume more energy and burn at low wattages. Garage lighting should also reduce maintenance costs. Maintenance costs should not bother you. Many choices are LCD, LED, etc. It should be easy to install and remove. The lighting can be wet and suitable for external use. One thing is that it should be durable. There are many options for this. One is porcelain enamel which is a great choice because it never fades, but it always keeps luster. It should be adjusted for daylight and darkness at night.

3. The size of the bulb

The size of the light should be perfect. In fact, it ranges from small to large. Depending on your requirements for the area, you can choose. The design is the theme of garage lighting. It must be attractive, stylish or color contrast. Yes, there must be special guards on the lights. Fluorescent lighting is also a good choice. Due to its compact size and design. Therefore, you can also use it for other areas. It should have the function of being placed in wood, pillars or ceilings. Installation should be simple and not complicated. You should not need any professionals. High-quality hard wire is a necessary condition to avoid any breakage or problem. Always it should be worth the money. It should have a good life. Because there is a big investment. It must be free of debris, dust or any type of moisture. Therefore, it should be clean, free of moisture and free of dirt before fixing the lighting in the garage.

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