Go in the Event Hall in MapleStory M
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There's an epic story quest, also challenging dungeons and raids, which you can play through as a knight, berserker, magician, priest, archer, deep gunner, thief, assassin, or even the brand-new runeblade.

Maple Mobile Mesos course roster has expanded since it premiered in Korea three decades ago, so now you receive a wealth of options when deciding how you'll play through the game. Pick a class and set out to save the universe from evil, basking in the melodrama and all the laughs you will get from MapleStory M's frequent knowing winks to RPG convention.

MapleStory M, the newest leader to play MMORPG in Maple World's vibrant and illustrious setting, officially hit a million downloaded accounts just one week after its launch. MapleStory M is available for download globally on Nexon Launcher and Steam.

Since its official release, MapleStory M has become the largest MMORPG on Steam and also a sport loved with a million players because of its unlimited customization, challenges and fun community. Due to its rapid expansion, where the participant population continues to exceed expectations, the sport continues to maximize its servers, particularly the Oceania server.

To commemorate the event, how to make maplestory m mesos   will perform various events linked to the accomplishments and invite your players.One Million Players Celebrating Events ofMapleStory M:Double Bonus Event: From Friday, October 19, and till Friday, October 26, players can make double reward items from regular adventure dungeons.

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