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Layering is often considered a part of casual wear. However, it can very well be worn as formal clothing for office wear too. Here's what you need to do. Find that asymmetrical leather jacket and team it with your asymmetrical little black dress. Next, you will need mediumheeled boots to match the dress, and bring out the formal tone in your outfit for the day. Keep this attire twotone to create a slightly serious effect. While layering for a formal dress code, keep the colors sober, simple, and sophisticated.

For example, there are warmup tracks for when you start your workout and upbeat rhythms to increase your pace. During the cool down period, listen to relaxing music. Another aspect of this device designed to motivate you is the vocal feedback, which periodically updates you with the number of calories you have burned. It also compares Golden Goose you current pace with previous workouts so you know if you aren't pushing hard enough. It can monitor you activity in several sports including running, indoor rowing, cycling, and freestyle exercise.

Unless your sport of choice is swimming or yoga, if you're going to exercise, you need sneakers. And not just any sneakers; to protect your body from injury and maximize the benefits of your workout, you need to match your shoe to your activity. Scanning the aisles of a shoe warehouse or heading to your local sporting goods store isn't enough; we got expert tips on what shoes are best for which workouts from podiatrists Elizabeth Kurtz, DPM, spokesperson for American Podiatric Medical Association, and Matt Werd, DPM, spokesperson for the American College of Sports Medicine.

Even though Nike sells its sneakers around the globe, footwear design and development originates in Beaverton. The campus is home to footwear designers, who wallpaper their cubicles with the sources of their inspirationuperman comics, soupedup cars, sports stars. It also houses Nike's footwear developershose technical types who understand foot biophysics and hightech sneaker materials, and create prototypes from designers' drawingsnd footwear marketers or product development managers. 

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