When you are making your way down the route
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Don't worry about exploring anywhere in sight because you'll see the majority of the regions in the missions although it's tempting to jump right into the gaping maw of Appalachia as soon as you step through the door of Vault 76. However, as soon as you leave the Vault head directly (rather than left down the trail ) to receive a gun straight away with Fallout 76 Items, and if you find the Wixon Homestead - that is in your way to Flatwoods, your first principal pursuit destination - kill any Scorched you locate there for a chance to loot off some armor of the cold, dead, irradiated bodies.

One of the first things you pick up until you leave Vault 76 is the C.A.M.P., however you really shouldn't attempt to build the house base of your dreams straight away because it costs a metric ton of resources to achieve that. Rather, in the first phases of the most important quest you will come across the Overseer's C.A.M.P., which has a weapons and armor workbench, cooker, and Stash. It is ideal to rely on this C.A.M.P. for your first handful of hours while you majority out your tools and prepare for constructing your base. When you do, make certain you have a peek at our Fallout 76 CAMP recommendations to build your fantasy home/impenetrable fortress.

Look to your left, when you are making your way down the route to Flatwoods and you'll encounter a treehouse full of instruments. Play among these for some time and you'll get a boost. Perfect for when you're preparing to undertake a horde of Scorched and need to use V.A.T.S. more.

But that doesn't mean the manner is completely useless with fallout 76 buy legendary weapons. Rather I recommend using V.A.T.S. to find enemies lurking nearby if you are sneaking about, or hidden in cover, as when it gets dark it's especially difficult to see the things which are looking to turn you into a bloody red splat on the ground. Especially Feral Ghouls. God, I hate Feral Ghouls.

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