Mixing Process Of Rubber Hose Production Line
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Calendering process
Calendering is the process of making the mixed rubber into a film on a rubber hose production line or a semi-finished tape with a skeleton material. It includes tabletting, laminating, forming, and textile hanging.
The main equipment of the calendering process is a calender, which is generally composed of a work roll, a frame, a machine base, a transmission device, a speed regulating and distance adjusting device, a roller heating and cooling device, a lubrication system and an emergency stop device. There are many types of calenders. There are two, three, and four work rolls. The arrangement is vertical and horizontal. Two rolls are vertical, Γ, and triangular. Four rolls are Γ, L. Type, Z type and S type. According to the purpose of the process, there are mainly tableting and calendering machines (for calendering films or textiles, most of them have three or four rollers with different plasticity), and rubber calendering machines (for textiles. , Three rollers, each roller has a certain speed ratio, the middle roller speed is large. Wipe into the textile with the speed ratio), general calender (also known as universal calender, which has the functions of tablet and eraser, three rollers or four Roll, adjustable speed ratio), profile calender, laminating calender and wire calender.
The calendering process generally includes the following steps: preheating and feeding of the compounded rubber; opening and drying of the textile (and sometimes dipping)
The rubber sheet is pressed on a four-roller or three-roller calender, or the fabric is hung on the textile, and the semi-finished product is cooled, coiled, cut off, and placed.
Before calendering, rubber compounds and textiles need to be pre-processed. Before rubber compounds enter the calender, they need to be refined on a hot refining machine. This process is called hot refining or preheating, and its purpose is to improve rubber. The mixing uniformity of the material further increases the plasticity, increases the temperature, and increases the plasticity. In order to improve the adhesion of rubber and textiles and ensure the quality of calendering, the fabric needs to be dried. The moisture content is controlled at 1-2%, the moisture content is low, the fabric is hardened, it is easy to be damaged during calendering, the moisture content is high, and it is sticky. Poor power.

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