Production Quality Of The Microwave Curing Oven
Posted On 09/01/2020 07:31:04 by Chenbaina

Microwave vulcanization is to penetrate microwave energy into the cable insulation or sheath directly for overall heating, so the heating is rapid, energy efficient, greatly shortens the vulcanization time of the insulation or sheath, makes it more uniform in heating, and has a higher vulcanization quality. . Development history of microwave vulcanization technology
Microwave vulcanization technology has been rapidly promoted since its introduction in the 1970s, especially the application of the rubber microwave continuous vulcanization production line in the production of rubber extrusion products. Its rapid development is unprecedented. Japan is a country with rapid development of microwave continuous vulcanization technology. So far, it has produced more than 450 microwave continuous vulcanization production lines and exported more than 100 to countries around the world.
Microwave vulcanization technology has become a common production method in foreign industrialized countries, but it is only applied to the vulcanization and preheating of various extruded rubber strips, hoses and various tires. It has not been reported in the wire and cable manufacturing industry.
China has introduced dozens of microwave sealing strip continuous vulcanization production lines from Germany, Japan, Spain, Britain and other countries to produce rubber products. However, there are also many problems with imported microwave vulcanization production lines, such as high prices, high maintenance costs, irrational microwave curing oven design, low microwave efficiency, and insufficient automation of control.

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