And also to people in here that can not get sim
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Return to All-Madden and download Matt10 sliders and see MUT 20 Coins what you believe. I loaded his and as I played games I didn't enjoy and believe Madden plays fairly well for me. All of my games are close and competitive in the 4th quarter matches. Because I make plays resulting in a fall or turnovers or penalties get me I just do win. Teams which have great defenses I get crushed by. Part of that is I'm not that good on crime and do not have very good QB.

What I did on my fins rebuild was essentially trade the entire group. Drafted 6 superstars in 2 thirds. Year dropped and went to the bowl. Bout the best I could do and it was my very first try but dont have the dream to experience that again.I'm considering playing another season or 2 where I'm at. And starting a fresh one using the Bengals. Trade that whole team and get a fresh start.Well I'm trash at Madden so that I did the rebuild on all ace. I opted to sim most trainings and after making lots of moves in free agency, in my 2nd year and didnt trade I left it to the superbowl. I didnt win it but hey I have there. Maybe I need to try it on all madden so I could suffer like everybody else has.

I sim most of Maddens but just eliminate interest after season 3. I guess I could try to sim through a couple of years to see how they produce and where Trevor Lawrence, Tua, Chase young, etc end up. Sounds interesting eventually become back ups or perform at level and to determine if they fizzle out after a couple of years. Hell yea. I love when those round guys fit your lineup and have abilities that are great. They develop. Hit boom and then a breakout situation, you've got a guy that tops the league for a long time.

And also to people in here that can not get sim to buy Madden 20 Coins is your buddy. Even if it stinks sometimes. I'll sim every year or if I'm in a year about halfway through. Or I start like 9-1, I will let the sim do the rest. Let the chips fall where they may. Retool to the next and forth from the offseason. The lie is you want to play every match. You dont. It's fun to play 1 side of the ball also. Especially if it is a tank situation since the SIM engine stinks when you move one side of the ball.

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