The glitches from madden 20 are terrible also
Posted On 12/06/2020 04:16:58 by MMOexpshop

I've bought every madden since 2005. Till they bring back complete customization for teams in franchise mode that is connected, I won't be buying another one of Madden 20 coins. EA need to take a lesson out of 2k in that respect. Since 2K is attempting to get back to soccer EA shouldn't let them have a big advantage in that class. It is too easy. They should bring back the old school skills trainers. Madden 08 was amazing.

The glitches from madden 20 are terrible also. Too many occasions Madden nfl does not let you increase the ball and it's a delay of game. That shouldn't happen like at all. Moreover can you trade 3? That I should be able to if I wish to trade a 95 entire team to the chiefs for Mahomes. Would EA not want to allow blockbuster trades? Make it more exciting! Like this if you agree that EA needs to step up their game, and you won't buy another Madden till they perform.

I know how you feel. I mean actually Madden is a part of Madden nfl lol. Playing as an owner now and this is my very first franchise mode since 18. I can't even hire coaches that are new, there's absolutely no such thing as an offensive or defensive coordinator along with the progression practice system sucks and is boring. I really do like the new superstar traits system but that is it. Style on madden 09 for PSP was then this.

EA will fix madden whenever they have competition from a different programmer. The longer the monopoly is held by EA, the more reskins of the exact same old bs will continue. With soccer games that the development of evo caused EA to really up their match with FIFA, it's a shame the exact same thing has not occurred with Madden. Unfortunately in recent decades FIFA is going the same way with UT... bloody EA. I agree with everything you need to state, but EA does not care. They control simulation rights for one more year, and they're most likely making a boatload off.

I wouldn't be surprised if EA transitioned cheap Mut 20 coins into more of a MUT and Online play leaving each manner as essential. 2K could make the a franchise mode ever, however they would not be in a position to complete with Madden MUT contemplating it would have to come out right. I'm not hopeful. Where I stand stating. I'm completely prepared to say goodbye to Madden. Because I'm not asking for much, it's really unfortunate however. I may have to quit buying EA games.

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