We Suggest You To Consider This Thing Of Golden Eagle Easy Open Can Cover Making Machine
Posted On 18/06/2020 08:54:15 by Goldgold111

If your most common product contaminant risks are all non-metallic objects such as glass, rubber, rocks, or bones, then odds are that a dual energy X-ray system using material discrimination x-ray (MDX) will be the best option for spotting these contaminants.

Alternatively, if your most common risks for Golden Eagle Easy Open Can Cover(eoe) Making Machine are very small, fine metal shavings, then a single energy X-ray inspection system and metal detector combo unit may be most effective.

Dual-energy x-ray (DEXA) inspection machines can provide the detection of a broad range of detectable contaminants, as well as the ability to perform multiple quality assurance tasks beyond simple contaminant detection, such as checking product weight, fat content (by chemical lean), seals, and more. This allows a single machine to replace the functions of several separate devices, saving time and money on the production line.

Carefully considering the capabilities of different product inspection tools compared to your biggest food safety risks as identified by your HACCP analysis can help you get the perfect machine for maximizing your QA process’ results.

These are just a few of the things that need to be considered when picking a food inspection machine for your quality assurance program.

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