How To Deal With The Leakage Of Pp Compression Fittings?
Posted On 30/06/2020 01:48:15 by hejiapefitting

What do you do if your pp compression fitting is leaking?
If a compression fitting is leaking, you should determine where the leak is coming from. Usually, if you have a sound connection, you've put the fitting together properly, and you've wrenched down to where it's good and tight, the fitting is not likely to leak. Unless a piece of tubing is moved and puts some strain or torque on the fitting itself, the seal should be tight and complete.

Plastic fittings might be more prone to start leaking once they've been installed, but again, usually that's because something has happened externally to alter or stress the component. Areas of excess vibration may stress plastic components. If you're using a fitting on an appliance or a piece of equipment with a pump or a motor that causes vibration, it is possible that the nut might back off of the fitting body.

The best way to stop a leak with this type of fitting is to turn the water off. Then, you would need to take the fitting apart and reassemble it once you’ve inspected it for any malfunction. Hopefully, after reassembling, your leak will stop. If not, you may have to replace the fitting, or a piece of it, and the tubing that was connected to it.

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