Zinc Die Casting Are Of Great Significance In Saving Energy
Posted On 01/07/2020 04:29:48 by weilong

Zinc alloy is traditionally used as die-casting alloy in casting industry. Traditional Zinc Die Casting are Zn-AI alloy with about A14%. Compared with aluminum die castings, aluminum alloy die castings have lower melting point, longer service life, higher dimensional accuracy, better mechanical properties and easy electroplating, and are widely used in many industrial departments such as automobiles, tractors and instruments.

Zinc die casting is also suitable for gravity casting. The typical zinc alloy for gravity casting is wear-resistant zinc alloy for bearings. The content of this alloy is high (more than 9%). Compared with babbitt alloy, zinc-based shaft alloy has the advantages of low price, low density, high hardness and easy casting. Compared with bronze, zinc alloy has higher affinity for oil, lower friction coefficient and better mechanical properties, but it has shock absorption performance. Its disadvantages are large expansion coefficient, poor room temperature toughness and high temperature strength. Secondly, zinc alloy can also be used to cast simple stamping dies. Compared with die-casting zinc alloy, die zinc alloy has higher copper content (2.5%-3.5%), so its strength is higher. Using zinc alloy instead of steel mould can save a lot of working hours and shorten the manufacturing cycle of mould. In addition, zinc alloy can also be used to make lamps, fine arts and decorative arts and crafts by shell casting. This kind of casting contains A 14.5%-5.5%, and has strict requirements on impurity content.

In recent years, the damping zinc alloy has been developed by using the characteristics of zinc die casting with large internal friction and vibration energy absorption, and it has been commercialized abroad (such as Japan).

In China, zinc alloy is one of the most important metals in nonferrous metal industry. Replacing copper alloy and aluminum alloy with zinc alloy is of great significance in saving energy, reducing raw material cost and rationally using domestic resources.

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