How To Determine The Parting Surface Of Zinc Die Casting
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The contact surface between dynamic die casting and setting of Zinc Die Casting is usually called parting surface, which is determined by parting line of zinc die casting. The joint surface perpendicular to the clamping force direction on the die is the basic parting surface. Generally, zinc die casting has only one parting surface, and sometimes it can have more than two auxiliary parting surfaces because of complex castings.

According to the shape of parting surface, the parting surface of zinc die casting can be divided into four types: straight type, inclined type, stepped type and curved type. Among them, the straight parting surface has simple structure and convenient manufacture, so it is widely used. For the stepped parting surface, the gating system is usually set on one of the stepped surfaces, and the overflow system is set on the other stepped surface, which is convenient for filling and exhausting molten metal.

There are many factors to be considered in determining the parting surface. Therefore, when selecting the parting surface, besides the structural characteristics of zinc die casting and the arrangement form of gating system. Many factors, such as processing technology and assembly technology of zinc die casting and demoulding conditions of zinc die casting, should be considered and determined as a whole. The determination principle of parting surface is:

1. During mold opening, the casting remains in the movable mold and is easy to take out from the mold cavity.

2. The parts with high requirements for non-coaxiality and dimensional accuracy shall be located in the same mold half as much as possible.

3. Parting surfaces are generally not set on surfaces with higher surface quality requirements.

4. The setting of parting surface should be conducive to setting up gating system and purging system, so as to clean burr, flash, gate, etc. and brush paint.

5. The setting of parting surface should simplify the structure of zinc die casting as much as possible and fully consider the casting performance of alloy.

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