Do You Know How To Choose The Thickness Of Zinc Die Casting
Posted On 09/09/2020 03:17:03 by weilong

In the design process of Zinc Die Casting, many customers are uncertain about the thick wall of zinc die casting, and they don't know how thin the thick wall of zinc die casting can be.

1. The commercial wall of zinc die casting is not suitable for excessively thin walls, which are prone to defects such as under-casting and cold insulation.

2. Selection of thickness of zinc die casting: under normal conditions, the wall thickness should not exceed 4.5mm, and the suitable wall thickness for small and medium-sized castings is 1-3mm for zinc alloy, 1.5-4mm for magnesium alloy and 2-4mm for copper alloy.

3. The thickness of zinc die casting should be symmetrical, which is beneficial to the additional condensation after "mold filling". It can prevent the defects of forging stress, shrinkage porosity, cracks and so on.

4. For a part of thick-walled tubes on zinc die casting, ribbed plates or cast-in inserts can be selected to improve their physical properties and technological properties.

Therefore, when designing the thick wall of zinc die casting, it is not suitable to choose the way of lifting the thin wall to improve the bearing capacity of zinc die casting. When the thickness of casting exceeds the required bottom limit, its impact toughness will decrease. Too thick casting wall will easily cause shrinkage porosity and air outlet, which will lead to unfavorable conditions such as long initial setting, large shrinkage, core pulling and difficult demoulding in the production process of zinc die casting.

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