Metal coil drapery mainly includes
Posted On 11/01/2021 06:13:31 by flystly

Electric metal coil drapery, bead metal coil drapery and spring metal coil drapery. Metal coil drapery has many advantages, such as beautiful and concise surface, vigorous structure and economic use. It is suitable for a variety of places, such as business office building, hotel, restaurant, office, home (used as screen curtain), especially for large area glass curtain wall. To get more news about metal coil curtain, you can visit mesh-fabrics official website.
When the metal coil drapery fabric is put down, it can make the indoor light soft, free from direct sunlight, and achieve good shading effect. When the metal coil drapery rises, its volume is very small, so it is not easy to be detected. Metal coil drapery fabrics include semi opaque metal coil drapery, semi transparent metal coil drapery and full shading metal coil drapery series. Recently, anti ultraviolet metal coil drapery, waterproof metal coil drapery and easy decontamination engineering metal coil drapery fabrics are introduced. The control methods include: manual metal coil drapery, electric metal coil drapery, spring semi-automatic metal coil drapery, etc. Can be used for office building window cloth, school window cloth, hotel window cloth, hotel window cloth.


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