Polyester conveyor belt advantages
Posted On 11/01/2021 06:49:16 by flystly

The polyester conveyor belt is woven with a polyester mesh. Many factories that use polyester mesh belts are very extensive. Polyester mesh belts are characterized by high reliability, ease of handling, heat and chemical resistance, and dimensional stability.To get more news about conveyor belt mesh, you can visit official website.
Polyester mesh is used as a dry carrier strip in the printing and textile industry and as a dewatering strip for fruits and vegetables in the food industry. These materials can also be used in separation and filtration applications such as water treatment plants and flour mills.
The properties of the polyester tape allow it to provide a very durable, durable medium for extended life.

The sturdy polyester has excellent stability.

Material characteristics of polyester conveyor belt: easy to clean, excellent chemistry, high-level food grade environmental certification. It can be +150 ° C to -75 ° C under dry conditions. 70 ° C + (under wet conditions) (polyester in high temperature and humidity conditions, usually in the case of steam will be hydrolyzed)


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