Decorative Mesh Panel Infill Options to Product Line
Posted On 16/03/2021 10:35:48 by flystly

Decorative Mesh Panel Infill Options to Product Line

AGS Stainless, Inc. continues its long history of innovative products by introducing Vertical Cabling and Decorative Mesh Panel Infills to its line of stainless steel railing systems. Requests from architects, builders, and homeowners for vertically orientated cabling or meshed infill railing systems have increased dramatically. AGS Stainless Vertical Cabling and Decorative Mesh Panel Infills were designed to meet that demand. The simple, elegant design of both Infills will beautifully accentuate a home’s overall aesthetic. Both options are available immediately with either a round or flat stainless steel top rail. With AGS Stainless, the overall railing design and ordering process is straightforward and simple: First, sketches and approximate dimensions are submitted by the prospective customer. Then, a member of the design team creates CAD (computer-aided design) drawings and details of the railing system. Finally, the custom railing system is fabricated to meet the high standards set by AGS. Throughout the entire process, an AGS railing expert works directly with the customer to ensure accurate product fabrication, prompt delivery and complete customer satisfaction.To get more news about decorative mesh for exterior wall cladding, you can visit official website.

Custom Solutions: “Every AGS Stainless customer essentially has their own personal railing factory complete with world-class welders and state-of-the-art fabrication machines ready to create a beautiful railing system specific for their project. With innovative component-based design and stainless steel construction, AGS Stainless railings eliminate any need for on-site welding or cutting of posts and railings. Each railing system is prefabricated to the highest quality standards at our factory in the Pacific Northwest, so every individual nut, bolt, and handrail fitting is just right – allowing homeowners the opportunity to include the luxurious look of custom stainless steel railings at a lower overall expense,” explains Kevin Harris, Director of Sales & Marketing.


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