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Aaron Rodgers threw four touchdown passes and the Green Bay Packers downed Detroit 31-24 on Sunday Black Curtis Samuel Jersey , claiming the NFC North division title with their sixth consecutive victory.

A tension-packed final day of the -regular season saw the Packers and -Detroit Lions capture the last playoff berths while the Atlanta Falcons and Kansas City Chiefs won to secure first-round playoff byes.

Rodgers threw for 300 yards (274.3 meters) and touchdown passes of -seven yards to Aaron Ripkowski, three and nine yards to Davante Adams and 10 yards to Geronimo Allen. With 40 touchdown passes in the season, Rodgers is the first Packer to lead the NFL in that area since Brett Favre in 2003 as Green Bay reached the playoffs for an eighth straight year.

"We never broke," Rodgers said. "We could have fractured at some point but we stuck together. Every game we came together with great focus. I'm really proud of these guys."

The Lions failed to win their first -division crown since 1993 but took a wild-card postseason berth thanks to Washington's earlier 19-10 loss to the New York Giants.

Injury-hit Oakland fell 24-6 in Denver and Kansas City took the AFC West crown and the bye with a 37-27 victory in what might have been the final NFL game at San Diego.

In the National Conference Black Christian McCaffrey Jersey , -Atlanta downed New Orleans 38-32 to join -Dallas with a first-round bye. Green Bay will host the Giants on January 8 and the Lions visit Seattle on Saturday in playoff openers.

In the American Conference, Kansas City joined New England with a first-round bye while Miami visit the Pittsburgh Steelers on January 8 and Oakland visit Houston on Saturday.

In Washington, Robbie Gould's 40-yard field goal with 2:12 remaining gave the Giants a 13-10 lead. The Redskins' final rugby-style desperation play saw New York's Trevin Wade return a -lateral on the bounce for a last-play Giants touchdown.

The Redskins lost four of their last six games to miss out of back-to-back playoff trips for the first time since 1992.

Tampa Bay's long-shot playoff bid failed despite the Buccaneers edging Carolina 17-16 after Philadelphia's 27-13 home win over a Dallas squad that -rested many of their starters. The Cowboys, who had sealed a home-field edge and bye Black Donte Jackson Jersey , benched rookie rusher Ezekiel Elliott and star quarterback Dak Prescott saw only two possessions.

Plastic lotion pumps, the most renowned dispensing procedure for thicky products in the beauty and personal care industry, avail in all shapes & sizes. When used as per the instructions, these pumps dispense the correct volume of product time after time. But have you ever speculated what goes in a twist lotion pump to makes it works? While there are hundreds of different designs in the market today Black DJ Moore Jersey , the basic principle is the same. Here is a brief overview:

Generally talking, a lotion pump includes the below listed components:


An actuator, or the pump head, is what the consumer presses down to pump the product out of the container. The actuator is often made of PP plastic and can have many different designs - and often come with a up-lock or down-lock features to prevent accidental output Black Thomas Davis Sr Jersey ,. This is one of the component designs that can set one pump apart from another when it comes to the exterior design, it is also the part where ergonomics play a role in consumer satisfaction.

Closure : The component that screws the entire assembly onto the neck finish of the bottle. It is identified with the common neck finish destination such as 28-410, 33-400. Often made of PP plastic, it is often designed with a rib side or smooth side surface. In certain cases a shiny metal overshell can be installed to give the lotion pump a high-end Black Greg Olsen Jersey , elegant look.

Housing : Sometimes referred to the pump assembly housing, this component holds all the pump components in place as well as acting as a transfer chamber that sends the product from the dip tube to the actuator, and ultimately to the user's hand. This component is often made of PP plastic. Depending on the lotion pump output and design, the size of this housing can differ greatly. A word of caution Black Kawann Short Jersey , if you are pairing the pump with a glass bottle, as glass bottles have thicker side walls, the bottle opening may not be wide enough to fit the housing - be sure to check first for fit and function.

Dip Tube : a long plastic tube made of PP plastic that extends the reach of the lotion pump to the bottom of the bottle. Depending on the bottle the pump is paired with, the dip tube length will differ. A properly cut dip tube will maximize product usage and prevent clogging.

Today you can easily find a variety of lotion pumps including Screw lotion pump and Long nozzle liquid pump. These are quite useful products that you must have in your home.

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