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Play the Internet Marketing Video Game and Win $1000 a Marketing Articles | October 4 [url=]Byron Murphy Color Rush Jersey[/url] , 2004

Here's the thing. I've been playing computer games since the very ... I'm talkin' Pac-man, Pong, ... sure this was before some of you were born. My wife says she thinks now that we

Here's the thing.

I've been playing computer games since the very beginning.
I'm talkin' Pac-man [url=]Kyler Murray Color Rush Jersey[/url] , Pong, Asteroids...I'm sure this was
before some of you were born. My wife says she thinks now
that we had children just so I could have an excuse to keep
playing video games.

The thing about computer games is that your opponent is
always available whenever you feel like playing, it never
teases you when it kicks your butt and doesn't make excuses
when you kick it's.

You know how all the self help writers are always going on
about doing what you love and the money will follow? Yeah
right...if you know anyone willing to pay a grown man for
going to movies [url=]Black Markus Golden Jersey[/url] , eating pizza, or playing video me.

But like so many of us these days I do love the Internet.
Isn't this like a computer game? Yes and no.

Some Differences

When you sit down to play a game, any game [url=]Black D.J. Humphries Jersey[/url] , you expect
certain things. Mostly you expect to have fun. Although
some aspects of Internet marketing can be considered fun
maybe even most, some things can become drudgery. But
that's OK because there can be long stretches of drudgery,
frustration [url=]Black T. J. Logan Jersey[/url] , and even boredom in some computer games so this
isn't what makes the difference.

Of course with computer gaming you expect to feel safe.
This is such an expectation that you don't even think about
it. You don't expect to lose money ( not counting the $55
you paid for the game ). There is a risk of emotional hurt
with Internet marketing. You could possibly be accused of
spamming or told you don't know what your talking about.
Of course you could be unsuccessful and feel hurt.

That is a negative that would never happen in a computer
Emotional pain however slight. As far as losing
money...well money can be an emotional issue in almost any
circumstance. The issue of money can be easily controlled
while playing the Internet Marketing Computer Game ( IMCG ),
but there is always the fear of losing money investing in
programs, tools [url=]Black Chad Williams Jersey[/url] , hosting, advertising, training and such.

Also with a video or computer game you don't really think
it's all that important. Of course you naturally want to
win [url=]Black Budda Baker Jersey[/url] , but more importantly you want to have fun. But with
Internet Marketing (IM ) winning ( making money ) can be or
at least seem very important.

After all we think, "I hate my job. I've got to make this
Internet thing work and soon!" There's no pressure like
this in playing games or we wouldn't play!

Another characteristic that videocomputer games have that
Internet Marketing doesn't is :

Clearly Identifiable Enemies
And instant rewards on killing monsters

Whether you're playing a battle hardened warrior in a
fantasy role playing game fighting against monsters from
another dimension or a street thug running from the law it's
easy to know who is trying to sabotage your plans. IT'S

Now if you 're thinking that you don't have any enemies in
the IMCG then keep reading. They may not be trying to kill
you but they are certainly trying to sabotage your plans.
No I'm not talking about your competition. Your competition
has the same enemies. You will beat your competition in
direct proportion to how well you recognize and defeat your

Monsters to watch out for

I've identified several enemies that you need to recognize
if you intend to win the Internet marketing computer game.
Though not completely identified and studied, I can tell you
that these monsters definitely use magic against you. Most
of the time they use spells to take over your mind and
pretend to be YOU!

I'll call them :

The Overwhelm Monster
The Fear Monster
The Doubt Monster and
The Procrastination Monster

Here are some characteristics of each and some of the tricks
they play.

The Overwhelm Monster specializes in confusion [url=]Black Haason Reddick Jersey[/url] , indecision
and overwhelm.

This monster loves the Internet as much as you do. It knows
that to keep you off balance and not focusing on one thing
long enough to succeed it just needs to give you too many
choices. No sooner than you get going on something you'll
soon here it's voice in your head pretending to be you.

It'll say things like,
"Wow, I could make even more money faster with..."
"What if I could've picked a better program?"
"I just need to get XYZ and I'll be ready."
"I better change programs now before I get too involved in
this one."

If you listen carefully you'll easily learn to recognize
this monster.

The Fear Monster

This ruthless creature loves pretending to be you and saying
things like:

"I don't like posting to forums everyone there seems to have
more experience than me."
"What if I do a lot of work and don't make any sales?"
"What if I don't even make my investment back"
"What if people steal my affiliate commissions?"
"If I put my idea in a free book or report someone might
write an ebook before me using my idea."

Again just listen and you'll see this dude is very active.

The Doubt Monster

No doubt you've heard the doubt monster:

"I don't have enough experience"
"Everyone will know I'm a fake"
"I can't compare or compete with those gurus"

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