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POSTED BY: dankeegan on 13/05/2022 21:34:13

Vicpas is a global provider of contact monitors, protecting film, membrane keyboard keypad, liquid crystal display shows, and plastic case/housing, supplying expert one-forestall provider for automation equipment maintainers and traders. Vicpas has a sturdy HMI parts supply chain management machine and deep cooperation with Elo, Microtouch, Gunze, DMC, AMT, Sharp, NEC, Kyocera, Panasonic and other worldwide producers, and its shipments are main the enterprise.

The GP4000 defensive movie contact display HMI collection offers tremendous connectivity, clean-to-read shows, and a couple of screen length options. Our wide variety of HMIs encompass general, simple, Compact, Modular, handheld, and HMIs with manipulate. All are equipped with quality-in-magnificence Connectivity, powerful HMI functionality, and full Compatibility with legacy pro-face GP-pro EX and GP3000 products. GP4000 contact Panel front Overlay HMI drivers will let you “talk to” your selected percent, vision machine, movement controller, temperature controller, inverter, bar code reader, and actuator. For more information on the proface gp4000 series, read on.

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