Title: Approaching 60 woman winter such collocation
Tags: fashion
Blog Entry: Reconciliation with the years of women, they will not because of a wrinkle on the face of the increase and produce anxiety, calm and calm connotation of infinite strength and energy, it is a characteristic of them. Even if the facial features are ordinary and the appearance level is not outstanding, they can also use some basic simple clothes to construct a neat and generous image. Like this lady over 50 years old, she is a positive example of dressing, can give many women over 50 years old and 60 years old some dress inspiration. 01 Solid color turtleneck sweater Dressing collocation can not ignore the selection of this step, it can be said that it is a key to determine the high and low degree of fashion modeling, the most important thing is to choose appropriate with their own figure, skin color, age. In fact, the influence of age is not the most important, but to conform to the temperament of the individual. When choosing to build inside, can notice to use the tall collar knit unlined upper garment of a few pure colors, will model a very concise wear build step and very square dress article. For example, this lady uses a pure white turtleneck sweater. Its touch is soft, and the compatibility of color is hard to compare with other colors, which can easily deduce a gentle and advanced aesthetic feeling. Pure white high collar knit jacket, can use two different designs in the outline, if a little more loose, will make women lazy style, along with the charm of the rapid promotion. If a little slimming, it will appear a bit more beautiful body shape, to prevent large clothing layout caused by showing fat, appear very fat such deficiencies. This white turtleneck sweater is paired with slacks. This kind of wear build way, helped a woman to solve inside build and cooperate trouser outfit such step directly, the continuity of modelling is very strong, integral sex is obvious, coat a long coat, can go out. For women in their fifties, sometimes the more colorful the item, the easier it is to roll over. Although it does look bright, but a closer look will find that such clothes are often inferior to some solid color items in the presentation of texture. In fact, the use of internal matching need not be very complicated, for example, this black high-necked knitted jacket, it is a very versatile characteristics of the single product, practical is very obvious, can be used to match white pants, to dissolve its thick sense of sight. 02 Long coat in basic style Women should have their own habits or priorities in dressing, which is the key to maintaining differences in dressing patterns and a way for each person to present their own characteristics. However, there are always those who make a somewhat similar choice, such as those who like to supplement themselves with basic long coats in winter. This is because this kind of clothing often shed the thick appearance, also can create a few warm effect, it is a beautiful and practical single article, is absolutely not the existence of ornamental or vase in general. This woman, she is using a long white coat, used to match qualified grain skirt elegant and slimming. Coat color especially coat color application is not limited, that is to say, you can choose the color that the individual likes more flexibly, not necessarily only in white. Like this long coat in camel color, it will reflect the beauty and gentleness of women's body. The collocation of this kind of clothing is naturally like white, without too many restrictions or scattered requirements, but can be created freely with personal favorite style. If cooperate pants outfit, elegant atmosphere lacks a bit, concise beauty is obvious a lot. In any case, black pieces are a constant winner, they can easily capture the attention of women, and they can really shine in any fashion arena. The woman chooses the black long coat, should pay attention to is not the longer the better, not the bigger the contour is more comfortable, but to pay attention to fit with their own body, so that the most easy to enlarge the advantages of slim, wear a beautiful figure. Black long coat is in colour respect, have a lot of advantage really, but its inadequacy also reflects clearly. It is difficult to have a bright spot in the form of appearance. It is the best way and the best scheme to solve the deficiency of dim color through color matching. Be in black for instance inside long coat, join sweater of tall collar knitting of a big gules directly, can make this kind of color becomes very bright below the foil of black dark degree effectively, but won't appear too grandiose make public. 03 A versatile black skirt For women in their fifties and sixties, their outfits don't need to be too loud or use too much color. The sheet that construction of a few colour foundation, style is very atmospheric is tasted, can foil completely give their individual more fashionable elegant demeanour. For example, this black skirt, it is the most versatile color, and the material will be more modern than the general skirt, can be used to cover the leg.Read more at: knee length cocktail dresses | unique formal dresses