Title: Women over 40 don't have to dress up
Blog Entry: Forty years old women, may face the transition of dressing style, and the construction of specific temperament and their color selection has a relationship. You don't need to dress up like a butterfly too ostentatious, but can use the following three simple colors, they form a different style, bring inconsistent visual picture, but are very advanced, very decent. Clean blue In numerous multifarious color system, blue belongs to more special existence, this is because it can bring a kind of aloof and cool atmosphere, but not limited to this. It can span the gap of age, become a color favored by three generations of women. In addition, in the selection of specific items, blue clothing can also have the difference in cutting and contour shaping. The blue ensemble, a jean halter dress, carries enough youthful glamour that women in their 40s and 50s can pull it off without pressure. Take this model, 49, for example, who paired a white top with a blue jean backstrap skirt for a fresh look. Blue clothing can be presented in a variety of features, including a blue top and a blue bottom. In general, there is no clear age limit for drivers. This outfit will be super high class and full of character, with blue tops showing the freshness of cool colors but not making women look too young. Combined with a silhouetted print dress, which is also filled with light blue, the colors create a connection on the surface. The driving difficulty that this printing skirt takes also won't be high, foil vivid feeling. As a popular color, blue naturally has its advantages. Be in sultry summer especially, the use frequency of this kind of colour can increase slowly. However, blue items will not be like black and white, special tolerance, with broad tolerance, can not be combined with a variety of color clothing at will, women should think carefully in color matching. This outfit uses a combination of white trousers and blue top, which can be kept in mind for a time-saving and elegant look. Different shades of green Different types of color items, they bring inconsistent style and appearance, if you think the frequency of use of blue is too high, want to throw into the embrace of a new color, you can also take a variety of brightness of green. This dress does not have a single green filling, but uses the connection of green and white checked grain, creating a retro feeling. This kind of dress can be mixed with the atmosphere of college and elegant charm at the same time, the color block is large, and it does not look messy. The skirt goes below the knee and does not reveal any flaws in the lower body. Green has different saturation, brightness and lightness. If it is dark, then the style of the green clothing will not be too aged, but in the contrast of those popular colors, its presence will not be too low. Take this green jacket for example, its color makes its appearance more simple, and the cutting design is smooth, and the middle sleeve can be used to contain the arms. This lady superimposed a high waist single product, using the belt focus to highlight the waist line, will be even higher. For women in their 40s and 50s, there are a variety of colorful dresses to choose from. Green dresses are relatively new and less difficult to pull off than yellow or red or orange, but not overly understatement. Like this military green dress, the model, who is in her late 50s, pulled it off. The design of skirt is very simple from top to bottom, sleeveless style makes the swing of arm more stretch, the connection of belt, can make the beautification of figure proportion more quickly. In color selection, do not need to be too exquisite or too tangled, you can try all kinds of colors you like, as long as you find this color does not match with their own, quickly choose other programs. If it is a very vibrant green, then this item will bring more age-reducing effect. Like this green knee-length skirt, it is more vivid than the above dress. You can take this kind of dress and look ordinary shirt, white T-shirt is not too pick the existence of people, form a simple sense, but also let the proportion of colorful clothes just right. Classic black Women in their 40s, they don't need to use too loud colors to make their presence felt or to construct too bright image, sometimes the simpler they wear, the more grand, the more advanced they look. Unlike colored clothes, which are more or less picky, black always dominates your wardrobe. Like this black dress, the most basic, but also the most simple. Reveal arm skin, break its drab feeling and dry feeling, combine the skirt that crosses knee to place, will elegant feeling and sedate feeling precipitate come out.Read more at: formal dresses uk | short prom dresses uk