Title: The Definition And Advantages Of BOPP labels
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Blog Entry: There are many materials to choose from when it comes to custom product labels. And, the number of choices may overwhelm you. So, to make the selection of label materials a bit easier for you, we’ll introduce a material we think matches most business needs for custom labels. BOPP labels are gaining popularity–and rightfully so. They offer a number of benefits and application opportunities for those who purchase them. So, What in the World are BOPP Labels? BOPP is a material some may consider utilizing their custom product labels. BOPP is an acronym which stands for “biaxially-oriented polypropylene”. Polypropylene, or polypropene, is a type of thermoplastic which is used in the manufacturing of hundreds of products, packaging solutions, and labeling materials. BOPP is a type of this same material which is stretched my machine to determine a flat, and printable surface which is best used for sticker labels. It’s stretched in two directions using an automated machine. The end result is a material which can be utilized in a number of settings including: Containers Ropes Packaging labels Laboratory equipment Textiles Medical equipment Benefits of Choosing BOPP Labels There is a reason so many choose BOPP for their label material. It’s because of all the benefits BOPP can provide! These benefits include: Moisture resistance. Can be effectively used for products which are stored in humid/semi-damp environments without fear of slipping or coming off. Durability. BOPP labels are resistant to abrasion so they can be used on products which may be handled roughly during processing or storing. Non-Toxic. Because this material is non-toxic, it can be utilized in the packaging and labeling of food products. Many foods offer high acidity volumes which may transfer through the materials. So, it’s important to invest in a packaging solution which maintains acidity levels. Look: BOPP labels offer three different looks– white, metal, and transparent. This gives you some choice so that you can incorporate the look and feel you want for your product. Cost: BOPP labels tend to be less pricey than some alternative material options. And, they provide the same amount of benefits. For their functionality and appearance, they’re offered at an affordable cost. Environmentally Friendly: It may seem like paper would be more environmentally friendly than plastic, but it’s not the case in this scenario. BOPP Labels are renewable resources, which means they can be recycled for future use. Printability: Because BOPP is stretched into a flat-surfaced plastic, it’s a very printable solution. That means that whatever you want your labels to look like, BOPP is a material which may be able to portray exactly what you have envisioned.