Title: UV print pvc board Advantages Are Shown In The Following
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Blog Entry: UV print pvc board is nowadays riding high on popularity. Be it on business cards, glasses, beverage cans, woods or even fiber furniture. And since Action TESA is always searching for some innovative ways to bring the best in the artistic equipment for your home, they proudly introduce a range of UV print pvc boards. Now you might be wondering what UV print pvc board are and why Action TESA highly recommended them? Well, to put it in the simplest words, UV print pvc boards are materials which are prepared by curing Acrylic or other polymer fibers using Ultra Violet rays. Now, why are they popular? Because of the following reasons: Versatile in nature: These UV print pvc boards gives you enormous options for the application. It can be used for sliding doors, cupboards, shutters for kitchen and bathroom cabinets, as a television displayed wall unit, as astorage cabinet, or for other furnishing purposes. And most importantly, they are very easy to work with. A glossy finish: Action TESA’s UV print pvc board consists of pre-laminated MDF boards on which a 9 layer of UV lacquer is applied, thus giving it a lustrous appearance. Such glossy finish not only makes the colors of the products much more vibrant but also enables the house décor to appear much more gorgeous. Scratch resistant: The UV print pvc boards are made for heavy duty and thus are highly resistant to scratches or abrupt wear and tear. They are also characterized by low haze and weather change durability. Durable and minimal maintenance: As the lacquer is applied automatedly, it gives the productdurability and a smooth surface which is easy to clean. A damp cloth is mostly enough to maintain your pricey looking polished furniture. Even the use of solvents for cleaning purposes would hardly affect the shine of the surface. Was it mentioned that the finished product is stain resistant too? Environment-conscious: Action TESA is very conscious about mother nature, and it is only after detailed research that they have introduced UV print pvc board products. Breaking the stereotyped imageUV print pvc products have successfully gained the government certification of not being a hazardous substance, also the use of UV lights minimizes the need for heat during And lastly,they do not release Volatile Organic compounds in the air, making them ideal for home application.