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Blog Entry: the principle of efficiency In the application design, it is necessary to improve the application efficiency of the lighting system on the basis of meeting the functional requirements of the lighting system, and reduce the energy consumption of the system while reducing pollution. To achieve energy saving and environmental protection purposes. In addition, the application design for string light manufacturer s. In order to ensure that it has a relatively high application efficiency after being put into use, it should also do a good job of analysis of the local geographical factors and meteorological factors of the project, and conduct detailed investigation and analysis of the actual conditions such as sunshine time, fog hoop weather, and rainy weather. The actual situation to adjust the design plan at any time, and strive to meet the needs of the lighting system to the greatest extent. Traffic safety principles The main purpose of the construction of urban road lighting systems is to ensure traffic safety, and based on this, to improve the efficiency of transportation and provide a safe and comfortable environment for traffic operation. Therefore, in the construction and application of solar street lights, traffic safety principles must be followed. Based on the actual needs of local roads and transportation, a rational design is carried out. Ensure that all aspects of the design meet the requirements for use.