Subject: What are major applications of activated carbon
Content: Application as a gas phase adsorbent        Adsorbing gas with activated carbon is an important method for air purification, odor removal, and product recovery.  wholesale activated charcoal powder  As people ’ s awareness of environmental protection increases, the demand for activated carbon in the treatment of air pollution will increase.   Generally, granular activated carbon is used for gas adsorption, and its strong adsorption capacity is mainly due to the developed microporous structure. Activated carbon not only adsorbs a wide variety of gases and has a fast speed, most of the waste activated carbon can be regenerated, and its own pollution is small, so activated carbon has been rapidly developed in indoor air purification.   Application as a liquid phase adsorbent   Activated carbon, as a liquid phase adsorbent, was initially used in industry as a decolorizing agent for refined sugar. At present, in liquid phase adsorption, activated carbon is mainly used for decolorization and adjustment of fragrance in the food industry, water quality improvement in water treatment, decolorization and purification of pharmaceuticals in the pharmaceutical industry, and it is also widely used in petrochemical and rubber production. the use of.   Application as catalyst and catalyst carrier   In many cases, especially in redox reactions, activated carbon is an ideal catalyst material. Activated carbon is used in flue gas desulfurization, phosgene synthesis, hydrogen sulfide oxidation, ester hydrolysis, sulfuryl chloride synthesis, industrial dihydrogen chloride synthesis, ozone decomposition, and a catalyst carrier for oxygen in batteries. In the treatment of volatile organic compounds, it can not only be used as a carrier, but also provide a high concentration place for the catalyst, which is beneficial to the progress of catalysis.