Subject: Ding Xinda activated carbon black grinding develop
Content: Water rice only previews downloaded documents in HD without watermark The target of the.Yakeshi city junxi wood industry co., LTD. To meet the needs of market development, actively develop wood waste processing projects, has made the enterprise in technology, management, personnel with a strong development potential. development and comprehensive utilization of resources have become a common concern ofpeople and a problem that the international community is committed to solving.To further improve the level of comprehensive utilization of wood resources and the added value of prod ucts has become the main goal of the world wood processing industry. China has a large population and is short of forest resources. The per capita forest stock volume is 0.12m3, lower than the world average level of 0.65 m3.China's wood comprehensive utilization level is also low, only 40%, and advanced countries can reach 80%, and in the level of technology, product grade, production efficiency, market competitiveness and other aspects compared with the developed countries also have a big gap.