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How can players get an unprecedented price of carrots in a short time?
Posted On 24/10/2020 04:23:19 by AmyStephen

Animal Crossing: New Horizons players have the opportunity to get huge profits from carrot sales in a limited time cross-promotion with Ally Financial, a digital financial services company.

From October 23rd (Eastern Standard Time) to October 27th, players can use Dream Code DA-9350-9609-6289 to visit Ally Island. Ally Island will be open until November 6th to host various events and many photography competitions. , Golf games, and special items for sale. There they can... Read More

Players can visit the most popular Joe Biden's Island at Animal Crossing
Posted On 20/10/2020 06:48:32 by AmyStephen

As the U.S. presidential election date approached, Joe Biden's team launched an official Animal Crossing island and proposed a unique and innovative way to connect with supporters. A new virtual office was launched in Animal Crossing New Horizons for players to visit.

Biden's Island House is one of the main attractions, and the island was converted into a campaign site office. Entering the office, you can see a coffee machine and a cup on the table at first glance, as we... Read More

The least popular and most popular villager in Animal Crossing
Posted On 19/10/2020 03:54:02 by AmyStephen

Although in Animal Crossing, some villagers are very popular with players, some villagers will arouse the anger of the players, and the players demand that these villagers be removed. So, who are the most popular and least popular villagers in Animal Crossing?

The data shows that the lazy horse named Clyde is very unpopular. Compared with any other villager, this unmotivated, dazzling yellow horse is more likely to receive an expulsion order. Whether it is the unfortunate de... Read More

Animal Crossing: How To Plant A Money Tree
Posted On 16/10/2020 07:50:03 by Tonyfirst

Animal Crossing is a highly free and casual game that is deeply loved by players. As an important prop in the game, the bell has an irreplaceable role. Today we will talk about how to plant a money tree to get bells.

The so-called money tree is a tree that can grow bells. The money tree will grow bells, and when you shake the tree, the bells will fall. The money tree will become an ordinary tree again. You can use the bell to get the Animal Crossing Nook Miles Tickets.

Bef... Read More

How do you kick a villager in Animal Crossing?
Posted On 15/10/2020 03:46:05 by AmyStephen

Animal Crossing: New Horizons is full of cute little villagers who will live with you in your small town on the island. Unfortunately, you can't always choose who to move in-maybe you need to change your pace. Fortunately, there is a way to get rid of the villagers in Animal Crossing.

If a friend teaches them a bad mantra or makes them wear ugly clothes, you can think of these choices as a reset. Among so many ACNH Nook Miles Tickets, rare villagers are always very popular,... Read More

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