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Animal Crossing: New Horizons tips to beginner (part 3)
Posted On 24/04/2021 06:54:00 by Seysmeattat

I don't know if you have already got your first axe.

Be careful using your axe

Once you commence upgrading your tools, you'll notice that they somewhat surge in power – especially when it comes to the axes. You'll quickly obtain access to the flimsy axe, the stone axe, and a very simply named 'axe'. Don't Be fooled though, as being the axe is impressively formidable. Stone axe and fragile axe will shake a tree, loosen softwood, hardwood, and ordinary, but intact, but the axe w... Read More

Animal Crossing: New Horizons tips to beginner (2)
Posted On 23/04/2021 04:33:50 by Seysmeattat

Last time we learned about three basic information, knowing that we are going to learn recipes and then make recipes. Tom Nook will give us a fee, Nook Miles, and Animal Crossing Bells from the loan. Basic tasks such as catching fish, collecting shells, planting trees, and chatting with neighbors are options that we can choose from from the beginning. So today's knowledge is about the tools in the game.

You won't get every one of the tools you will require straight away

You... Read More

3 Animal Crossing: New Horizons tips to beginner
Posted On 22/04/2021 06:56:51 by Seysmeattat

If you are a player attracted by Animal Crossing: New Horizons, you don't know how to play the game yet. Then please pay attention to my recent blog, I will collect the Internet and personal thoughts and make some suggestions for you.

Remember that progress is gated by real-life days

If you're a novice to Animal Crossing or many experts have a spell because you last hung out with Tom Nook and co, it's not hard to forget until this is not a game you could rush. Progress, especial... Read More

Animal Crossing: New Horizons: island rating (Part 2)
Posted On 21/04/2021 04:31:08 by Seysmeattat

Yesterday we witnessed three more important behaviors to improve the island score, by placing a large number of diverse items outdoors, fencing, and making fences. These can improve the island rating, and there are more suggestions that will Be announced today.

Improve your infrastructure
As soon as you become the Animal Crossing: New Horizons Island Designer app, you can begin really evolving your island to a bit of a burgeoning metropolis. You can start painting roads-unlock... Read More

Animal Crossing: New Horizons: island rating
Posted On 20/04/2021 06:50:22 by Seysmeattat

The rating of upgraded islands in Animal Crossing: New Horizons is also very interesting and challenging content. Everyone will want their island to Be a tourist resort. Let's take a look at what actions can increase the island's score!
Focus on placing a lot of outdoor items

A huge section of Animal Crossing: New Horizons will Be the ability to place furniture along with other decorative items outside your home. Thus, beautifying your island and transforming it from your few tents... Read More

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