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Animal Crossing: New Horizons: Trees
Posted On 19/04/2021 04:22:57 by Seysmeattat

In Animal Crossing: New Horizons, the trees on the islands are the player's basic source of wealth. It is not only the role of greening the island and decoration. Just like in real life, trees have many functions. It can produce fruits, have honeycombs, and can Be used as basic materials to make objects.

The most amazing thing is the planted bell tree. When you find the shiny ACNH Bells on the ground, you can choose to bury them in the ground and make them a money tree. In reality, suc... Read More

Animal Crossing New Horizons: Horribly Villagers
Posted On 16/04/2021 04:39:39 by Seysmeattat

Villagers in Animal Crossing New Horizons are NPCs players will inevitably come into contact with. There are currently nearly 400, but players may not really like many. But there are also some that players may not like. After all, as a design game, there will always Be some special designs. Villagers are no exception.

Chow The Panda
Chow the Panda may well Be cute, where there are elements about him that can Be a little adorable. His slit pupils and squished features are unco... Read More

Animal Crossing New Horizons: Legacy of Villagers
Posted On 15/04/2021 04:12:57 by Seysmeattat

Animal Crossing New Horizons is updated almost every month, sometimes more than one. Various new themes, objects, and even new villagers. As an important NPC on the island, the villagers, although new ones continue to join, there are still many iconic villagers left.

Redd, the cunning fox

Redd was the highlight of the game for a long period in New Horizons. The character runs their own black market from an old motorboat on the secret beach. Players often reached buy painti... Read More

Animal Crossing: New Horizons with H&M: Maisie Williams
Posted On 14/04/2021 04:43:36 by Seysmeattat

Animal Crossing: New Horizons has partnered with H&M, another collaboration in the fashion industry. Maisie Williams is the representative of this synthesis. The upgrade of the clothing design will Be based on Looop Island's recycling program.

H&M has embarked upon an important pursuit to spread the term about the advantages of sustainable fashion, including an initiative putting increased exposure of recycling and reusing materials to reduce waste that is generated by th... Read More

Do you like these Animal Crossing's Villagers?
Posted On 13/04/2021 04:33:55 by Seysmeattat

Animal Crossing: There are nearly 400 villagers in New Horizons. They are basically designed by animals as prototypes, or by people with different personalities. It has its own personality, name, and gender, all of which are very cute or have individual designs. Every player should have their favorite villagers. See if our hobbies are the same!

Bob is usually a cat villager who may have appeared in most Animal Crossing games up to now. After nearly twenty years, fans carry on... Read More

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