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China Aluminum Die Casting Products Usually Have High Silicon Water Content
Posted On 02/09/2020 04:49:14 by weilong

At present, China Aluminum Die Casting Products are widely used, and people have stricter requirements on the quality and appearance of the products. The products after oxidation treatment are very beautiful in appearance, so many customers don't understand why aluminum die Casting products can't be oxidized.

To put it bluntly, the anodic treatment of aluminum is the whole process of air oxidation by electrolysis. In the whole process, the surface layers of aluminum and aluminum a... Read More

Aluminum Die Casting Have Developed Rapidly In All Walks Of Life
Posted On 26/08/2020 02:38:44 by weilong

In recent years, Aluminum Die Casting have developed rapidly. The output of aluminum die castings in China is increasing year by year and developing very rapidly. Domestic enterprises introduce automatic production lines of large-scale die Casting machines and develop large-scale aluminum die casting. On the one hand, driven by the trend of automobile lightweight, there is a huge demand in the global aluminum Casting market. In recent years, with the optimization and upgrading of the au... Read More

China Zinc Die Casting Manufacturer Have Developed Rapidly In Recent Years
Posted On 19/08/2020 04:17:24 by weilong

As we all know, zinc die Casting is widely used, especially in digital parts, electronic parts, furniture parts, architectural decoration, bathroom parts, lighting parts, toys, tie clips, belt buckles, various metal decorative buckles and other zinc die casting, which are in great demand. In recent years, China's traditional enterprises have developed rapidly, and the demand for zinc die Casting has increased rapidly, which has greatly promoted the development of China Zinc Die Casting... Read More

How To Determine The Parting Surface Of Zinc Die Casting
Posted On 05/08/2020 03:54:03 by weilong

The contact surface between dynamic die Casting and setting of Zinc Die Casting is usually called parting surface, which is determined by parting line of zinc die casting. The joint surface perpendicular to the clamping force direction on the die is the basic parting surface. Generally, zinc die Casting has only one parting surface, and sometimes it can have more than two auxiliary parting surfaces because of complex castings.

According to the shape of parting surface, the parting... Read More

What Is The Definition Of Flow Marks In Lead Die Casting
Posted On 22/07/2020 03:45:04 by weilong

Definition of cold insulation: the surface of Lead Die Casting has obvious, irregular and sunken linear lines (penetrating and non-penetrating), with small and long shapes, some with smooth joint edges, which may develop under the action of external forces.

Causes of occurrence:

1. The two metal flows are butted with each other, but they are not completely fused and no inclusions exist between them, so the bonding force between the two metal flows is very weak.

2.... Read More

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