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China Corrugated Plastic Partitions Manufacturers Introduces The...
Posted On 25/06/2021 09:14:35 by yfcorrugatedhz

The hollow board is a kind of board used in many fields. Ordinary, antistatic, conductive, and flame retardant hollow boards can be customized according to different customer needs. Because of the large-scale use of hollow boards, cleaning and disinfection are also very important. Below, China Corrugated Plastic Partitions Manufacturers introduces the cleaning and disinfection methods of hollow boards:

... Read More

Notes On Delivery Of Aluminum Die Casting
Posted On 24/06/2021 06:59:02 by weilong

Many Aluminum Die Casting used around us, ranging from various parts to large household appliances, all of which are inseparable from various alloy die castings. Today we will talk about the delivery, packaging, transportation, and storage of die castings.

1 The supplier shall provide the buyer with an inspection certificate to show that the inspection of each batch of die castings meets the requirements of this standard.

2 When the qualified die... Read More

China Solar Garden Light Manufacturers Introduces The Maintenance...
Posted On 10/06/2021 06:44:34 by Jialongye

The market now has a great demand for solar garden lights. In the past, garden lights were only used in villas and residential areas to play a decorative role. But nowadays, solar garden lights have been widely used in urban slow lanes, narrow lanes, residential quarters, tourist attractions, parks, squares, courtyard corridors and so on. However, with the large-scale application of solar garden lights, problems have emerge... Read More

China Solar Garden Light Manufacturers Introduces The Knowledge Of Solar...
Posted On 03/06/2021 09:58:10 by Jialongye

China Solar Garden Light Manufacturers introduces what are the advantages of solar wall lights?

1. The outstanding advantage of the solar wall lamp is that under the sunlight during the day, the solar wall lamp can use its own conditions to convert solar light energy into electric energy, so as to achieve automatic charging, and it will also store th... Read More

The Parting Surface Of Aluminum Die Casting
Posted On 03/06/2021 07:08:01 by weilong

We can see all kinds of die castings around us, among them aluminum die casting. There are still many applications of Aluminum Die Casting in our lives.

According to the shape of the parting surface, the die-casting parting surface can be divided into four types: straight type, skewed type, stepped type, and curved type. The flat parting surface is simple in structure and easy to manufacture. So it is widely used. For the stepped parting surface, the pouring sys... Read More

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