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China Solar Lights Suppliers introduces the maintenance requirements of...
Posted On 07/05/2021 08:29:44 by Jialongye

China Solar Lights Suppliers introduces the maintenance methods of solar garden lights:

1. Do not hang objects on the lamp, such as drying silk quilts.

2. Frequent power switch will greatly reduce its service life, so when using lamps, try to avoid the power switch of lamps;

... Read More

China Corrugated Plastic Dividers Company Introduces The Production...
Posted On 07/05/2021 04:36:26 by yfcorrugatedhz

The cyclic procedure of the injection molding production process of the hollow board box is usually: mold closing-high pressure and low speed mold clamping-injection seat forward movement-melt injection-pressure holding-mold melt cooling (the plasticizing screw is also injected with the injection during this process) The seat is retracted, the screw rotates and the raw material is plasticized)-the molten material in the mold is cooled and solidified, the mold is opened (the product is e... Read More

China Plastic Balls Manufacturer Introduces The Process To Improve The...
Posted On 29/04/2021 07:13:29 by yuyaojinghaiboo

China Plastic Balls Manufacturer explain the influence of the POM plastic ball surface finish on the sealing effect?

The POM plastic ball is used as a sealing ball. Its function is like the principle of a ball valve. It is mainly sealed by a spherical surface, but the sealing effect is mainly related to the precision and surface finish of the POM plastic ball. Generally speaking, the smoother the surface, The better the sealing effect.

The POM plastic ball has the characteri... Read More

Development Of China Freezer
Posted On 28/04/2021 08:14:03 by bailing

Freezer can be found in many supermarkets and shopping malls. The freezer has a large storage space and a strong function, so it has always been very popular with merchants. In recent years, China freezer has also exported a lot, which shows that China's freezer is indeed very popular.

Similar to the development of most of the home appliance industry, the growth of refrigerators is accompanied by the increase in industry concentration and the acceleration of ind... Read More

China Corrugated Plastic Sign Manufacturers Introduces The Knowledge Of...
Posted On 23/04/2021 04:14:17 by yfcorrugatedhz

Hollow board is a kind of packaging product. It can be used to package various items. We know that hollow board is a kind of anticorrosive, environmentally friendly and sanitary packaging product. It has a long life and can be reused. It is a very good packaging product. Of course, for the use of hollow board, we also need to use and maintain it correctly every day. In this way, its service life will be longer. Next, China... Read More

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