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Do You Know Why Heat Transfer Printing Film Is Popular?
Posted On 24/04/2020 07:08:14 by gaobao

You may be wondering why heat transfer printing Film is needed in the transfer printing process. Why can the design directly print onto the fabrics? Here are some of the reasons:

To print directly onto the product is costly and have high maintenance. It is not advised for beginners and small business entrepreneur. Why spend more when you can still make money with a lower capital?

Transfer printing does not require you to master technical skills. As long as you know the basi... Read More

What Is Principle For Heat Transfer Printing Film?
Posted On 17/04/2020 06:57:37 by gaobao

heat transfer printing Film is a kind of medium material for heat transfer printing.

Denim Heat Transfer Film process principle and heat transfer paper similar, only the heat transfer Film substrate or transfer media is transparent film, the bottom membrane material is mainly three kinds of opp, PET, PVC.

1. OPP: larger flexibility, larger impact pressure, but poor heat resistance.

2. PET: low flexibility and good stability. The most widely used. 80% of the heat trans... Read More

How To Print Heat Transfer Printing Films With Latex Inks?
Posted On 10/04/2020 06:50:19 by gaobao

Printing a heat transfer printing Film with a latex inks in many cases is as easy as printing a pressure sensitive vinyl. Before you go into production, you will need to do some testing. As I like to tell people, Test, Don’t Guess.

The type of Film that you will need is a heat transfer Film designed for digital printing. The Film should have a polyester or co-polyester release liner. This is important. The reason is that these types of release liners are much more stable whe... Read More

Find A Professional Way to Deal with Heat Transfer Film
Posted On 03/03/2020 05:12:34 by Getececil

In order to better carry out self-adhesive printing and ensure its better quality, it will be able to have a better effect in terms of quality, which is naturally the basis for obtaining better benefits. Of course, when we choose products, we still have to deal with them better so as to achieve better service standards. Of course, when printing products, we can use heat transfer film(PRINT-LABELS) with quality assurance and more advanced machinery and equipment, which will be able to pe... Read More

Increased Demand For Heat Transfer Film In Modern Industry
Posted On 03/12/2019 08:44:37 by Getececil

With growing demand for modern and heat protected fabric textures and prints, food and beverages, healthcare, personal care, and heat transfer films or vinyl has gained specific traction. Heat transfer vinyl refers to a specialty Film that can be employed on certain fabrics such as cotton, polyester, and cotton-poly blend to imprint designs or logos on that particular material. The structure of heat transfer vinyl mainly comprises three basic components such as transfer film, release li... Read More

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