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How to use Animal Crossing's new Dream Suite to visit other islands
Posted On 02/09/2020 03:32:45 by AmyStephen

Dream Suite is a return feature of past games, allowing players to explore the islands of friends and strangers. So far, as long as you see version 1.4.0 or higher on the startup screen, you should unlock Dream Suite. Most players should have automatically unlocked Dream Suite.

If not, you will want to make sure that your Nintendo Switch is connected to the Internet. From there, press + on the Animal Crossing: New Horizons icon on the dashboard and click the button to check... Read More

Animals across new horizons: how to catch a red dragonfly
Posted On 29/08/2020 03:55:05 by AmyStephen

With the coming of September, animals in the northern hemisphere will cross: a new batch of insects will usher on the islands of New Horizons. Red dragonflies are one of them. According to experience, red dragonflies are fairly common insects in New Horizons. Even so, we still need to spend some time tracking every bug in the game.

A red dragonfly can be sold at Nook's Cranny store for 180 bells, if you sell it to Flick when Flick visits your island, the price will be hi... Read More

How to catch moray eels in animals crossing new horizons
Posted On 05/08/2020 04:48:57 by AmyStephen

Morays appear on islands in the northern hemisphere from August to October, and on islands in the southern hemisphere from February to April. And now is the season for eels in the northern hemisphere. Players in the northern hemisphere can try to step the moray. will give you the clearest guide, and perhaps it will also allow you to easily get more Animal Crossing Items to help you grow faster.

First of all, you need to know how to find moray eels and w... Read More

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