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Animal Crossing-New Horizons: How to let unwelcome villagers leave your...
Posted On 29/09/2020 05:44:17 by Tonyfirst

In this game of Animal Crossing, you will live with many cute little villagers. But you are not very satisfied with some villagers, so we can try to get them to leave our island.

One of the best ways to find out that villagers are no longer popular is to ignore them completely. Don't talk to them, don't complete requirements or Animal Crossing Nook Miles Tickets for them, don't even ask them what they are building. Pretend that they don't even exist while socializing with your ot... Read More

Deep-sea creatures in the Northern Hemisphere: New Horizons in October
Posted On 29/09/2020 04:10:35 by AmyStephen

October is approaching, and fans of Animal Crossing: New Horizons can expect some new creatures to visit their islands. Due to the real-time game mechanism, the seasonal changes of players in the game are the same as in the real world.

Players in the northern hemisphere will encounter deep-sea marine life in October. Both times are night activities, which means that novice players who want to catch up with the museum will need to plan some night dives. Animal Crossing Be... Read More

Animal Crossing New Horizons: What is the role of Nook Miles Tickets?
Posted On 25/09/2020 03:59:47 by AmyStephen

Air tickets in Animal Crossing New Horizons are very important props. They can go to other islands, but many players don't know what air tickets do. I will share with you the introduction of Nook Miles Tickets today. It helps, let's take a look.

Nook Miles Tickets allows you to fly to a randomly generated island. If you are a single player and want to grow other fruits, you need to Buy Animal Crossing Nook Miles Tickets to dig fruits on this material island.

... Read More

How to get bells in Animal Crossing: New Horizons
Posted On 24/09/2020 07:29:07 by Tonyfirst

Many players like to play the game-Animal Crossing, but they are bothered by the Animal Crossing Bells. Fortunately, you have read this article. After reading it, you will understand how to quickly get the ACNH Nook Miles Tickets in this game. Start reading now.... Read More

Which suit combinations from Animal Crossing: New Horizons have you used?
Posted On 22/09/2020 04:02:15 by AmyStephen

Nintendo's Animal Crossing: New Horizons provides players with many customization opportunities, including opportunities when it comes to character houses. Collected and selected countless furniture series in New Vision. The advantage of this kit is that you can easily get various styles of decoration without too much consideration.

Renovating houses in New Horizons is the most time-consuming activity. Players need and get enough Animal Crossing Nook Miles Tickets to pay for al... Read More

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