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The best way to earn OSRS Gold in Old School Runescape
Posted On 21/09/2020 04:31:41 by AmyStephen

To earn more RS Gold in Old School Runescape, different players will use different methods, which can be obtained in many ways. When you have a certain strength on RS Gold, the RS Gold you earn will become easier.

For novice players, the main way to obtain RS3 Gold is through in-game tasks. Although doing tasks is an important method, it does not have much advantage for novices. New players can only repeat on relatively simple tasks. The difficulty of the task increases as th... Read More

What are Revenant Caves and what will be updated?
Posted On 18/09/2020 03:36:43 by AmyStephen

Revenant caves, also known as Forinthry dungeons, are a group of caves found in the wilderness. Only members can enter, it is an extremely dangerous cave, ranging from level 17 to level 40 wilderness, and most of it is a multi-war area; only the exit and nearby areas are one-way battles.

Revenant may roam in smaller packages as it did in its 2007 initial release. Again, we are open to this approach, but we believe it will violate our original goal of creating hot spots for PvP cont... Read More

How many pets do you have in Old School Runescape?
Posted On 17/09/2020 03:34:18 by AmyStephen

Pets are non-combat NPCs loyal to the player, usually obtained from monster drops and skills. Most pets can interact with it. Most pets have no purpose other than aesthetics because most pets are very rare pets in certain boss or skill activities, so they are generally considered prestigious.

When the player receives a disposable pet (such as a boss or skill pet), it will automatically try to appear as a follower. At the same time, the message in the chatbox will show th... Read More

How did the Grotesque Guardians defeat Dusk and Dawn?
Posted On 16/09/2020 03:18:33 by AmyStephen

The Grotesque Guardians are a pair of monsters found on the roof of the Slaughter Tower, Dusk and Dawn. The entrance is on the second floor. To enter the roof, the player must obtain a crisp key from the gargoyle and assign it to the Slayer task (requires 75 Slayer).

At the beginning of the battle, the player must use a ranged attack to attack Dawn (because she cannot take melee damage and cannot resist magic), because Dusk cannot be hurt at this stage of the battle. Once he... Read More

Why do players choose to buy OSRS gold from suppliers?
Posted On 15/09/2020 03:36:48 by AmyStephen

In the Old SchoolRuneScape game, you can play for free or as a member. But most players end up wasting time to grow Osrs gold. For Old School Runescape obsessed enthusiasts, polishing Osrs Gold is the focus of the game, and they are happy to spend a lot of time to accumulate money.

For casual players, they prefer to jump directly into the part they like and enjoy the fun of the game, so they urgently need to get rid of boring planting tasks. For office workers, they like thi... Read More

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