Subject: Activated carbon adsorption with high strength
Content: Deep desulfurization of transportation fuels is receiving increasing attention in theresearch community worldwide due to increasingly stringent regulations and fuelspecifications in many countries for environmental protection purpose.  activated coconut charcoal wholesale The traditionalhydrodesulfurization process (HDS) is highly efficient in removing thiols and sulfides, but itis less effective for thiophenes and thiophene derivatives. Ultra-deep desulfurization isbecoming even more formidable challenge for HDS with the decreasing lower sulfur in fuels.Therefore, non-hydrodesulfurization technique of liquid fuels has caused intensive concernsfor ultra-deep desulfurization. Recently, the adsorption desulfurization technique and catalyticoxidation-adsorption desulfurization technique have drawn much attention at home andabroad due to its mild reaction condition,low production cost and little environmentalpollutioz. This thesis focuses on the researches of application of activated carbon fiber inadsorption and oxidation-adsorption removal of thiophenic sulfur compounds from oils. pellets carbon ln the first part of the thesis, the capability of activated carbon fiber (ACF) treated bydifferent kinds of acids for adsorption removal of thiophenic sulfur compounds was evaluatedin the batch-type adsorption process. The results show that the as-received ACF adsorbent,efficiently adsorbs the bigger size sulfur compounds, and the removal efficiency for the sulfurcompounds follows in the order of 4,6-DMDBT > DBT > BT > T. Effect of treatmenttemperature and time by SN acid (ratio of volume of H,SO4 to HNO, is 3:1) on ACFadsorption removal of thiophenic sulfur compounds was studied.The results show thatoxidation with SN acid at room temperature can remove the ashes or inorganic components ofthe ACF adsorbent as well as change in the surface chemistry , introduce theoxygen-containing functional groups such as carboxyl and hydroxyl, improve the adsorptioncapability of ACF for removal of thiophenic sulfur compounds.